Systinct For Clubs

What Can 'Systinct Clubs' Do for me?

Systinct Clubs is the organisational framework used by managers, committee and executive members, both paid or volunteer to perform their duties efficiently and professionally. It also serves active members.

Key Features include

- Control of Finances including Payments, Invoices, financials and Expense Management
- Complete Membership management including, families individuals and corporate
- Automates signups and renewals of membership including payments
- Informs your members with the user-friendly newsletter features
- Communicate with staff and committee and manage meeting minutes
- Electronic filing cabinet for your important documents
- Records dealings and communications with your suppliers
- Cloud-based, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant and as safe as houses
- Accessible using computer, tablet-iPad or mobile-phone 24-7 wherever you are
- Integrated diary
- Stock control integrated with invoicing and E-Commerce shopping trolley
- Simple HR module covering staff and volunteers
- Insurance costs minimised through comprehensive records of active members and volunteers

Systinct Business & Club Management Software
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