Dealing with Family Memberships

In many clubs family memberships are a single fee, based on the amount of people in the family.
This is defiantly the easiest way to deal with families, with the exception of a single membership for everyone.

However, there are some important things to consider while working out your family membership, such as:

- How many people are included for large families
- Family membership pricing
- What constitutes a family to your club? are couples included?
- How do you identify that a family signup is legitimate and are in fact a family and not a group of friends?
- Age cutoff to move to a single membership

All of these items can be addressed, and if setup correctly management of your families is easy and requires only minimal monitoring. The key is to ensure your terms are clearly highlighted prior to signup, and your potential members meet the required checks.

Many clubs use a premise that everyone on the medicare card is included in a family, and for mixed families it might be a requirement to provide both parents medicare cards.

Also you need to monitor the amount of adults (over 18), and their designation (parent), this is usually handled by exception reports that highlight problems.

Its important you have a cut off for age determined and clearly stated, for example if the cut off for being part of a family for a child is 18, then after they turn 18 are they removed from the membership, or are they removed after the membership expires for that year?

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